15 Th7

1. What do your eyes reveal about you? Start here


Your mind works in the same way a visionary’s mind does. You tend to see the future amazingly clearly in your head, and you possess rather excellent ideas of how to improve things you feel aren’t optimal. You can excel at making and running your own things and the determination you have for your goals tends to be much higher than most humans.

2. What type of person are you? Start here


You love seeing changes in society and progress excites you. You aren’t easily turned on by mainstream activities and the things you do always make people jealous. Your experiences and the memories you’ve had are to die for.

3. What’s your emotional IQ? Start here


Your emotional intelligence score is between 100 and 110. You have an impressive balance of an analytical and emotional mind.

4. What two words describe you? Start here

Exceptionally Big-Hearted

You have a big heart. When someone close to you is down, you never leave their side. You stand with them through their thickest and thinest moments. You’ve always been the truest friend and the most phenomenal companion. Even in times of pain and grief your love never ceases. It only increases.

5. What is your calling? Start here

Your calling is: Creative Master

You’ve got creative juice flowing all over your body. Everything is a canvas to you. You effortlessly make things exactly as you see them in your head, and you easily out-innovate everyone else around you. You live to create and you create to live. Simply, the universe is your playground, and you’re totally rocking it!



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